Condensing Boilers

There are two types of condensing boilers which are available in UK conventional condensing and combi condensing. All these boilers are considered as modern energy efficient boilers and efficiency varies as per the type. Many of customers think that condensing and combi condensing boilers are same but the fact is that both of these are different from each other. We have a range of all kind of energy-efficient boilers in affordable prices.

What is condensing boiler:

The condensing boiler utilizes latent heat of water formed from burning gas to increase the efficiency. It condensed water vapors present in gases or gases of exhaust. Later extracts and reuses heat from these gases instead of wasting gases or vapors through flue. The heat exchanges used in this boiler is quite large or there can be a secondary heat exchange as well. These heat exchanges extract maximum heat and minimize the gas losses. These boilers reduce the heat from flue gases from around 300 degrees to 50 degrees.

Advantages of condensing boiler:

  • These are economical as reduces heat loss and save money on energy bills along with reduction of carbon emission.
  • More efficient than conventional boilers and the efficiency is around 93%.
  • Many models of condensing boilers require small space in the household.
  • Most of the units are quiet and makes low noise.

Combination condensing boilers:

Combination or Combi condensing boiler is the blend of two boiler technologies which are used in combination and condensing. These are most energy efficient among all the boilers present currently in the market of UK. We install highly efficient boilers like Baxi, Worchester, Valliant, Ideal etc. Advantages of Combi condensing boilers:

  • Most energy efficient and saves money on energy bills.
  • The efficiency is around 95% to 98%.

Cost of Combi condensing boiler:

The cost of condensing and combi condensing boiler is higher than conventional boiler and varies as per the size of the property.

Why to choose Workwork Ltd as a boiler installer:

  • Our expert survey team will carry out technical survey for your property and will suggest the best option for your property.
  • Installations will be carried out by qualified and registered boiler experts and install will be done according to the standards of PAS2030.
  • Our quotes are competitive and most of time final price charged is same as per the quotation.
  • We will suggest the most efficient boiler which fits your property need and will try to keep the price as low as possible.
  • Ensures extraction of maximum heat and minimize heat losses.
  • Most of our installs are done in a single day.
  • We help for replacement of old boiler to new energy-efficient one on Green Deal.
  • Our service is available in London, Birmingham, Wembley, Derby, Milton Keynes along with other regions of UK.

We offer free funding for replacement of LPG condensing boilers & Oil condensing boilers in Milton Keynes.


Free replacement for old boilers is available under ECO (Energy Company Obligation) scheme. It offers free survey and if the boiler is approximate more than 8 years old. It offers free replacement with A-rated condensing boilers. In non mains, the replacement is allowed for LPG/Oil boilers. It is an initiative by affordable warmth to lower down energy bills cost of lower income households.


We are certified for insulation services like cavity wall, external wall and loft insulation. We work under ECO (Energy Company Obligation) schemes which offer free funding for few wall and loft insulations.


We offer cavity wall extraction process that includes removal of previous improper installation instances from wall cavities. Improper instances occur due to unexpected circumstances or selection of wrong property type.