Cavity wall Extraction

A constantly maintained temperature is essential to enjoy healthy and comfortable living. It can be possible only after blocking heat penetration otherwise heating system needs to run constantly to maintain it and eventually electricity bills go up. Cavity wall insulation helps to reduce 35% of heat loss through walls and a detached property can save up to 250 every year.

There are instances of improper installation such as due to wrong property type or due to unexpected circumstances. In that case, the material needs to be isolated to avoid further damage due to dampness.

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Reasons behind insulation removal:

Urea formaldehyde foam:

When cavity wall insulation started at first, a particular type of foam material was used. That material had a tendency to break down gradually over the years along with a release of a toxic gas called Urea-formaldehyde. This kind of insulation causes damp as well as could have health allegations.

Chosen incorrect property type to carry insulation:

Timber and steel framed properties which are not suitable for insulation or properties with aperture bricks those allow dampness to the property. In some conditions, one can think about material replacement but for few properties, alternatives insulation method need to find out.

Damaged insulation:

The insulation material gets damaged due to moisture or unpredictable conditions like flooding or rain-lashed winters. So, it is necessary to remove inside material to avoid dampness. In few cases, inside insulation material gets damaged due to chimney fire as well.

Poorly installed:

A poorly installed insulation leaves a gap in filled material which causes dampness to the property.


Insulation removal methods:

Now there is a way out to extract damaged or unfavourable insulation materials like urea-formaldehyde, expanded polystyrene, rock wool, and mineral fibre. Usually, it is carried out through previous drilling pattern. A high-pressure vacuum machine with a nozzle at drilling pattern is used to extract old insulation material from the cavity. All waste material from old insulation is sacked out and followed by proper cleaning as the ideal property for a new installation. The properties with rendering or finishing add extra pounds to the job as it may need to replace few bricks or final touch up after completion of a job and takes a couple of days to complete the job. Hence; if it is really necessary then only recommends for typical properties.


Why choose us:

  • Free diagnosis for cavity wall problems
  • Detailed survey with moisture monitoring if required
  • Provide certificate after completion of job
  • Qualified team to carried out task


Free replacement for old boilers is available under ECO (Energy Company Obligation) scheme. It offers free survey and if the boiler is approximate more than 8 years old. It offers free replacement with A-rated condensing boilers. In non mains, the replacement is allowed for LPG/Oil boilers. It is an initiative by affordable warmth to lower down energy bills cost of lower income households.


We are certified for insulation services like cavity wall, external wall and loft insulation. We work under ECO (Energy Company Obligation) schemes which offer free funding for few wall and loft insulations.


We offer cavity wall extraction process that includes removal of previous improper installation instances from wall cavities. Improper instances occur due to unexpected circumstances or selection of wrong property type.