Air Conditioning

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Air Conditioning

Work Work specialises in energy-efficient home air conditioners, cooling one room or the entire house – as well as providing heat when needed. Our team of expert technicians help you determine the best air conditioner for your property with a free on-site survey. With a properly fitted air conditioner, you can stay comfortable all summer long and ensure a good night’s sleep year round.

Home Air Conditioners

Air conditioners not only provide the comfort of a cool home but also a warm one when needed. Often times they are forgotten has an efficient heating system, but the units have up to a 5:1 coefficient of performance – meaning they require little work for the energy produced.

The air conditioning systems work just like your refrigerator for cooling and work in the reverse for heating. The air conditioner can control each room independently but they require a fan coil in each room. If you want to control a group of rooms at the same time and level, you will need a duct system. The ducts allow the air to be released into each room through the one unit.

Depending on your home layout, size, structure and home insulation (link), different types of air conditioners will work best. Work Work’s team of trained technicians walk you through your different options to determine the most efficient air conditioning unit for your home.

Benefits of an Air Conditioner:

  • Prevents dehydration and heat strokes
  • Improves the quality of air
  • Helps to reduce asthma and allergies
  • Easier more restful sleep
  • Prevents electronic devices from overheating

Installing Your Air Conditioner

Work Work is there every step of the process from the on-site survey to ensuring proper maintenance of your air conditioner. Our team of trained technicians ensure it is the easiest installation no matter the unit that is chosen.

Installation process

Frequently Asked Questions

Installation depends on the type of unit you choose to install. A duct system needs to be run through the roof of the home and usually requires more time than a wall mounted unit.

The running costs depend on the size of the unit installed, how many rooms are being heated or cooled and how long the system is run for as well as the level of insulation of the home. Though running costs do vary, the coefficient of performance of an air conditioner is high. This means the operating costs are usually lower.

Most air conditioning units have an outside condenser. This is the part of the air conditioner converting the hot air to cool air (or vice versus). The units are usually larger and placed outside with connections made to the vents or units inside.

Air conditioners do make use noise, as all appliances do. The noise generated from the condenser should not be able to be heard inside the home and the units inside run silently. You may be able to hear the air turn on and hear the initial flow of air through the units, but that will be it!

Need to Know More?

No problem, we're here to help! If we haven't answered your question above, reach out to our friendly team who will be happy to assist.

Email us 020 8902 7290

Office hours are Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

Types of Air Conditioner we Install

Wall Mounted

The wall mounted air conditioners are placed where they cause the least disruptions and, usually, do not require building works or redecoration. Work Work offers high wall mounted and low wall mounted units. The low all mounted air conditioners are placed along the floor of a wall, similar to a radiator.

Concealed Ducted Homes

Ducted air conditioning systems are best introduced when other work is being completed on the home. The ducts run through the ceiling of the entire home and allow for no wall unit to be required. If you wish to control a group of rooms at one level with the same unit, the duct systems allow for air to flow to each room.

Round Flow or 4-Way Blow Cassette

Round flow or 4-way blow cassette systems are suspended from the ceiling. They are ideal for homes without the false ceilings. These units are best for larger homes or commercial spaces. Like the wall mounted units, they usually blend in with the decor and do not require redecoration when mounted.