Green Deal Finance

Green Deal Finance is a loan to a property but is different from a normal loan. Green Deal Finance offers long-term loan to property owner based on the savings made from installing a new energy efficient home improvement. There is a fixed rate of interest for consumer. Customer can fully or partially finance energy efficient home improvement like insulation, boilers, and renewable based on the savings they make on their energy bills. Customer pays back by the saving made after installation of the energy efficient measure. These loans remain on the house and get transferred if the ownership of the house changes. Green Deal Finance adhere the Golden Rule which means the repayment can not be more than the actual savings made from installing a new home improvement. Work Work Ltd is a approved Green Deal Provider and is among very few companies in UK who have started writing Green Deal Plans. Many customers of ours have already started perceiving benefit of Green Deal and paying back the cost of home improvement by the savings they make on their energy bills. We can provide Green Deal Finance not only in London, Birmingham but throughout the country.Get in touch with us to know more about Green Deal Finance and we will make sure you have a smooth Green Deal Journey. For Further information on all aspects of the Green Deal please contact Energy Saving Advice Service 0300123 1234 or visit:



Free replacement for old boilers is available under ECO (Energy Company Obligation) scheme. It offers free survey and if the boiler is approximate more than 8 years old. It offers free replacement with A-rated condensing boilers. In non mains, the replacement is allowed for LPG/Oil boilers. It is an initiative by affordable warmth to lower down energy bills cost of lower income households.


We are certified for insulation services like cavity wall, external wall and loft insulation. We work under ECO (Energy Company Obligation) schemes which offer free funding for few wall and loft insulations.


We offer cavity wall extraction process that includes removal of previous improper installation instances from wall cavities. Improper instances occur due to unexpected circumstances or selection of wrong property type.